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Manage all of your health & wellbeing needs in one place

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Use your NHS Login, and maximise your Amity experience by unlocking access to additional features

Manage your health

Manage your health information, GP appointments and prescriptions

Connect with your circle

Create a circle of support and share data with clinicians, carers, family & friends

Follow your health trackers

Record & track your physical health and mental wellbeing over time

Free, safe & easy to use

Developed in partnership with the NHS for the people of Cheshire & Merseyside

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We use NHS Login Single Sign On to provide the most secure and convenient experience. Sign in via NHS Login to get the full benefits of the Amity platform such as managing your GP appointments online.

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Keep control of all your health and wellbeing information in one place. Create your personal health profile, and view and manage GP appointments and medications via our trusted partners.

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Create a support circle of your choosing by adding friends, family, clinicians, carers and members of your care team. Connect by messaging with your circle and share your medical details, tracker progress or anything else you wish to share. You have full control over what you share and who you share it with.

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Monitor your health and wellbeing using a range of trackers for sleep, mood, pain, blood pressure, problems and more. Keep a daily diary, set goals and discover patterns.

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Benefit from a variety of resources such as apps powered by our trusted partner Orcha, events and stories from other people, personalised to you and your healthcare needs.

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